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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 6:18pm-6:48pm EST

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i saw that comes and i've got a personal response to an attack made by al-jazeera and it's the latest chapter in the government's war on the first after the break organise gusty obama administration's latest attempt to keep quiet. people calling what you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting from the. as you can hear behind me loud explosions.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't know i'm sorry welcome is a big issue. over
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the weekend a story aired on al jazeera english is program the listening post hosted by richard is part of the show that does media critique and this particular episode spoke about r.t. and yours truly so let's just say that i've a few things to say in response to this piece here's the gist of the point that they were trying to make the english language project is getting mixed reviews its criticism of washington and the ways of the west is relentless. i mixed reviews that's fair everybody is entitled to their own opinion but then they get to me. russian born american educated in the. twenty six year old host of the alyona show
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he's more than half the price blend that. voice. who sounds so sinister russian born american educated i'm clearly some sort of kremlin plant sent to the united states to learn the ways of the west only to turn them against it when i come of age i actually moved here and i was for an american citizen not only was i educated here he spent almost my entire life in the us and i am cast an american not to mention and yes i will nit pick here i'm not twenty six yet but we enjoyed our last week of twenty five all you people but back to the hilarious style of their attack what if we did the same thing what if we turn the tables on richard gilbert fired by a.b.c. for refusing to cover the u.s. led invasion of iraq he was then hired by qatari funded al-jazeera that's kind of sounds a little bit sketchy to you but it turns out that it's really not sketchy because guys were spent years working for a.b.c. only to refuse to cover the iraq war because he had small children so then he was fired sued for wrongful termination and he won and then he was hired by al jazeera
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but if i say everything in these really vague terms then his career too can sound very very sinister but let's get back to what he said about me as for me not shying away from picking a fight not really sure why that would be showcased as a negative in fact i thought that's what journalists opinion we're all supposed to do what i would really like to see in this piece is for them to take some of my relentless criticism that gives birth talks about with my face on the screen behind them and actually show it and talk about that i would welcome then to pick some welcome them to pick something that i've said about the actions of the u.s. government and the members of both parties which are unfair or untrue and stead they picked a clip of me talking crap on when back was i being a little bit hyperbolic even absurd yeah but guess what that's all we do here on this show and i was speaking of al-jazeera being apparently confused about me having fun or being over the top they end the entire piece with a clip from our hallway and show. there's that was total seriously what's not. we
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are in the mainstream. and some are hollowing show you get it it's fake it's sad to hire for them to use a show of a clip of a parody show where word costume always the entire hour play that a newsgroup speak of r d i think is disingenuous when leveling such serious criticism on me as a person or two as a channel they simply chose to use the clip to push the agenda that they wanted which is the r.t. is silly and should be ignored just like me now perhaps if they would have reached out to me for some comment on the piece since i was going to be featured so prominently could've informed them that from time to time yeah we do funny skits and parodies on the show we delve into the outrageous we have fun and we laugh but apparently richard gives birth thinks that. i would strongly disagree. we have today the justice department charged a former cia agent john kiriakou with disclosing classified information to journalists about the capture and enhanced interrogation or as we call it torture
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of members of al qaeda of suspected al qaeda members to members of the press and the criminal complaint specifically accuses kiriakou of disclosing the identity of a cia analyst and the charges against him include two counts under the espionage act of one nine hundred seventeen so that makes it now the sixth time that the obama administration is going after somebody with charges of espionage the others include cases that we've discussed on this program like thomas drake bradley manning james rising and others so to put it into perspective for you before this administration there were only three such cases in history so what is all this tell us about how justice under obama is applied joining me to discuss it is marcy wheeler blogger at and t. will dot net marcy thanks for joining us tonight let's figure a little background quickly if you can we don't have a whole lot of time tonight but i guess you could say that in two thousand and seven is when people really got to know about john kiriakou who came out said that he was on one of the lead capturing teams he detailed. enhanced interrogation or
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waterboarding at the time and basically said that he supported it but then where does this story come in with him leaking cia analysts names their identities to the press. yeah at that point everyone thought he was just spreading propaganda for the cia because he was putting the best spin on the on waterboarding just as the whole destroyed tape thing came out but the allegations do go back to that same time period two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and ultimately what d.o.j. was investigating is how some get most detainees found out the identities of people who were on the torture teams one of them was martina's the other one nobody disclosed his identity yet. kiriakou has been charged with leaking it anyway and so they went back and tried to figure out how these detainee lawyers found out and ultimately curious who is the one source that they came up with. and they you know they partly pointed to a new york times article that may have been investigated two thousand as well but
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you know one of the things that they're arguing is that syria who lied about a technology called magic box which not only has been out there for decades but is widely used is used by our local police station and so they're suggesting the curia was lying to the cia to be able to publish about this because it was classified only it's not classified and so now we're going back to court on something like that now as i mentioned this is the sixth time that we've seen the obama administration try to go after somebody by using the espionage act do you see they do you think is fair and in this case at all was he aiding the enemy by a by putting out a cia analyst name perhaps to the press well i mean again that this all started because these detainee lawyers had identified the people who had tortured their clients. so the question is not is it ok for scott shane to report about jews
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martina's who was involved in kiss them to torture what they were really after was is it ok for lawyers to know what happened to their clients when they were in u.s. custody and the government is basically saying no it's not ok we didn't tell them we weren't going to tell them you know our torture must be secret even from the people who got tortured as to the scotch erica which is the only one the only public mention that they're prosecuting curiosity for you know it does martinez was not a covert person his peers his identity was not covert they wanted to hide the fact that he had been involved in politics muhammad's interrogation but you know it's they also wanted to hide the fact that he was working for mitchell and justin who are the architects of the really failed torture program in this country and i think we as americans have a right to know that kind of stuff yeah you know and there were some decent jokes
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made out there today just about how ironic and unfortunate and sad it is that we finally have some kind of an investigation or some kind of a prosecution going on that involves waterboarding or that involves torture unfortunately it's just the guy that decided to speak out about speak out against it instead of anybody that was actually involved or that gave those orders there you know i want to ask another thing too how can we compare you know the fact that nobody high ranking right has gone in trouble for waterboarding. for the enhanced interrogation program and here we have this case versus the marine staff sergeant who yesterday who was involved in the the massacre where twenty four civilians were massacred in iraq turns out that the maximum prison sentence he's going to serve is only three months. right and obama is about to do a state of the union address where he's going to where he purportedly is going to size accountability and around the world that's what accountability means in
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america three months for somebody who massacres twenty four mostly women children old men versus nothing or the people who are torturing you know definitely some al qaeda people but also some people who have no ties to al qaeda that's what american accountability become anything else that you expect the president to say during his state of the union tonight you know maybe talking about accountability and you know of some of his civil liberties records no no he's going to boast about killing osama bin laden and everyone's going to holler and and that will be as close to a discussion about i think his counterterrorism policies as we get. a feeling that you're right marci thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks for having me. coming up next the supreme court weighs in on the government using a g.p.s. devices to track you down last night the g.o.p. candidates weighed in on immigration during their debate three to find out what
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exactly help the deportation is. the campaign that's seen. people calling like you said for free and fair elections. again we're still reporting from the land where as you can hear behind me loud explosions that lead. me to be. really. good it gave.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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by guys it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last week we told you about a new model for college tuition that's being proposed in california as one of the many ideas that are being thrown around as a potential solution to the ballooning student debt bubble so we asked what do you think that schools and governments across the country can do to address it but a producer for treason a sends you to find out what you have to say. while the governor of california wants to shift a two point four billion dollars of the state budget from classrooms to other spending and raise university tuition mizoram governor jay nixon wants to reduce funding to universities by twelve point five percent and as as universities not to hike up to wish it. now states are continuing to take away funding for public universities all while student loan debt now reaches more than one trillion dollars now students in california came up with an idea to turn of the notion of college
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tuition on its head students to forgo to wish an is the agree to pay five percent of income for the next twenty years after they graduate now this sort of innovation got us think it what else could states do to deal with the growing debt bubble as money for education continues to dry up now let's see what our viewers had to say for alan thompson he said how about corporate sponsored scholarships the one percent has all the money let them pay for the employee degrees now occupy wall street thomas told us the money used to fund our wars could be used to fund a wish and instead and cindy free said remove all interest and fees on every student loan back to the original amount then kept the interest and fees for life with a look now everyone seems to agree someone radical needs to do something to ease the pressure on college students and graduates in an already bad economy let's just hope lawmakers are ready and willing to listen. now as always we appreciate your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we spoke to
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colonel lawrence wilkerson about the g.o.p. presidential candidates and their views on cuba with the lone exception of ron paul they are all in favor of maintaining sanctions and travel restrictions on the country so what do you think at the time we lift sanctions on cuba and so on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make you know me. well yesterday the supreme court weighed in on the latest fourth amendment case to come before that and one of the most important also see back in november the justices agreed to hear a case involving the federal government placing g.p.s. trackers on the cars of people with interest of interest without obtaining a warrant now we've spoken at length about this issue here on the show something that we see as a clear fourth amendment violation and we've also spoken about the disturbing trend of police of violating people's rights to privacy and in many cases getting the courts on their side take for example the case of yasser the he's a muslim american who found one of these truckers on his car and immediately suspect that the government was keeping tabs on him for no other reason than his
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heritage makes me feel like they're treating me like a terrorist or criminal and giving me my my rights as an american citizen and i was born and raised here so i feel different and it's more a nice feeling. now yasir is case is different than the one that was heard by the supreme court this specific case united states versus jones revolves around a suspected cocaine dealer that was being tracked over an extended period of time so attorneys for jones said that his conviction should be thrown out because the feds attached the g.p.s. tracker outside of the initial warrant period of twenty eight days that was when the government could legally follow jones to use appeals courts came up with different decisions for the supreme court ruled that the use of a g.p.s. device to monitor one suspects car over an extended period of time qualifies as a search under the fourth amendment so in other words the government's desire to track somebody for a long period of time is classified as a search which under law requires a. warrant all nine justices were in agreement on this decision but with different
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reasons why they came to that outcome justice scalia explained the majority opinion that electronic surveillance if achieved without trespassing on the suspected person's property could count as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy but here's the part the really bugs me he goes on to say that the present case doesn't require the justices to answer that question so yeah this is good news but really we were hoping the justices would take this opportunity to weigh in on the constitutionality of the use of the tracking device itself sadly it looks like they took the easy way out opting not to decide if the trackers and are an unlawful invasion of a person's right to privacy but rather saying that in this instance specifically it constitutes a search let's look at a small victory here and the slap in the face of this ruling brings the obama administration they justify the questionable tracking techniques and defended their actions based on an one nine hundred eighty three court case where the supreme court allowed the government to use trackers without a warrant for one single trip but this time around the justices agreed that the
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government was overstepping their bounds because they were tracking the suspect twenty four hours a day for twenty eight days straight now before you get too excited about the ruling despite its weakness you will have a lot of disappointing news for your privacy from a court out of colorado for you tomorrow so let's just say that passwords are no longer all that safe. well n.b.c.'s republican debate last night we once again heard a lot about the issue of immigration only at this debate we heard a little less about building a gigantic fence to keep everyone out and a little bit more about getting those that are already here out and then mitt romney throughout this word. the answer is self deportation which is people decide that they could do better by going home because they can't find work here because they don't have legal documentation to allow them to work here and so we're not going to round people up. now self deportation in and of itself sounds a little bit like an oxymoron but a lot of people say that it's a term that describes the gold states across the country right now where coney and
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immigration laws have been passed like arizona or alabama making life so hard for undocumented immigrants that they voluntarily leave joining me to discuss this is axel cover hero founder and producer of when to me a brave new foundation campaign absolutes for joining us tonight and i guess let me hear your definition of what exactly self deportation is. well i think first moves most people right now are kind of scratching their heads trying to figure out what exactly is deportation this is something that just came out of the blue as far as his campaign is a new policy reversal if you can call that policy it's kind of ludicrous to just think that it's out of nowhere twelve million undocumented folks are going to stand up and say we're going to leave this country you know this is not for us anymore so so i think that that's the main first point the second point to that is that really what it is what it sounds to be is more of
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a code word to just not do anything to leave it up to right now the policies that are happening throughout the states the vacuum that has caused arizona to enact as between seventy or to try to enact as between seventy and the policy that has allowed private prison corporations to fund local particularly pieces of legislation so that they would benefit out of the incarceration of immigrants i think that that is the main thing behind this new policy reversal and make it sound as if he's soft and his stance on immigration when in reality it's a big you know it's a term that really doesn't say anything. as far as we're concerned well you know i also like jeffrey's over mother jones basically called this the conservative trifecta because he said that has this free market free will sort of sound to it at the same time it could reduce deportation costs of people are living on their own and it really you know emphasizes the states passing their own legislation that
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tries to push on documented immigrants out and they don't even need the federal government involved either so it kind of makes sense that they try to just use this this word that sounds flowery but really i mean isn't this you know if you look at some of the laws that are being passed in alabama and arizona it's about scaring people to right to the point where they're afraid to sign their children for school or they might be afraid to take them to the hospital if your citizenship is going to be checked all the time. this is and you are right and i think what is even more mind boggling is that this is precisely what he's been advocating whether candidate romney you know a lot of the other campuses well they have been advocating for a very first and second degree should. pretty much along the lines of what alabama would arizona would be utah would georgia were to pass. the primary moves into latino states like florida or new mexico and now something we've the
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stance is well it's really self deportation we're on no no no i don't know that so let me cut you off really quick too because we're running out of time a little bit but we have yesterday on our show we showed mitt romney's new spanish language ad where he's trying to appeal to hispanic voters and so here i thought one of the moderators last i asked a very good questions to look. all of the favor making english the official language of the united states which could mean that ballots and other government documents would not be available in spanish but speaker gingrich you're sending out press releases and spanish us governor romney you're advertising in spanish why is it ok for you to court voters and spanish us but not ok for the government to serve them and spanish. right so those beth reinhard we didn't have a show yesterday that was by mental love there but romney does have this spanish language ad out right now if it were his sons talking about it and i think that she brings up a really good point you know i mean are latino voters going to buy that if you start putting out spanish language ads. well that's that's essentially what is
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happening right now with all the campaigns where they take a hard stance because they're going for the base they're trying to mobilize their folks and then when it's time to reach out the constituents that actually would need to reach out to folks that are really important in this election then you know they change they change the language they reach out in different language and they try to adapt to pretty much what the campaign should be in the first place so i think that there's a disconnect and we're seeing that and i think the latino electorate as the rest of the country's pretty smart is very smart i would say and be thinking recognize we can recognize that sometimes these words are just political words is more a politician sane or trying to say well what the constituents want to hear what we really want to know is exactly what the proposals are going to be throughout the campaign and have a clear positions of the those proposals but let me play you something that rick santorum said last night which is very much
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a big republican talking point. not sure if we have it. bottom line is if you do inforce the law and say they say. ok we can play right now fortunately but rick santorum basically is going on with this line that everything you do if you ever if you enter this country illegally initially even everything you do from then on is an illegal act anywhere you might work at a school that you might attend and you know how do you counter that kind of that kind of a statement. well it's very hard to counter because there's already this stigma that has been created as far as what the word illegal means and what these actions are but let's start first and foremost from the understanding of the reason why folks migrate here and it's not because they want to commit crimes you know having
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a job is not a crime particularly working for fours for a living to to have a better life that's not a crime and so i think that that is absolutely a disconnect with reality as far as what they are trying to to per trade as illegal behavior what is reality is happening a crime our c.e.o.'s that are really you know. robbing the american people right now with all these bailout stuff they were going to see in the state of the union a crime is a murder or a particular actual crime that is happening as is stated in our laws but behavior just because of the act of my brain over here and the bad behavior anything that you do becomes illegal it becomes a crime that is essentially what the problem is in this dialogue is that it has become so so polarized and so amazingly detrimental to the public this course that is presenting a problem as far as really finding solutions to move this immigration debate for
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now we'll have to see what the president says tonight in a state of the union immigration team because i can imagine that he's going to ignore it specially not in this election year axl thanks so much for joining us tonight. are just ahead are there iceland friends taking a fight with occupy d.c. to find out its rightful time and happy hour donald's creative advertising method that fires on them and rick santorum just loves weigh in on women's rights issues and dealt with all that with the. same. people calling what you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting from there it's about as you can hear behind me loud explosions.
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in the. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know what i'm charging welcome to the big picture.
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hi guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're going to go to congress and more specifically members of the house oversight and government reform committee the after giving members of the occupy d.c. movement the initial ok mary vincent gray at.


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